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Home-Based Couples Counseling in Metro Atlanta

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With all the differences couples have in terms of personality, background, ideology etc., it’s a wonder healthy relationships exist at all! But relationships in which both partners maintain their individuality and still share a deep passionate connection are entirely possible when couples learn to communicate and avoid common pitfalls.

The first step is simple enough – you need to commit to marriage or couples counseling. It is fairly common for one or both of you to be skeptical that the process will help or that your therapist will be impartial. Rest assured that my methods are entirely non-judgmental and constructive. I make every effort to understand the problem from both angles.

It is also important for both partners to understand that the perfect couple does not exist, at least in the sense that they agree on everything and never argue.  I will teach you how to improve communication to resolve conflicts in a positive manner without hurting either partner. In this type of communication, the primary objective is to avoid blaming your partner or yourself, as that is a sure-fire way to end a constructive argument.

Additional benefits couples can expect from counseling are:

  • Reduced Anxiety and Stress
  • A Brighter Outlook on Life
  • Improved Relationships with Friends, Family and Coworkers
  • A Loving and Growing Relationship
  • Enhanced Intimacy and Sexuality

My practice was founded on a commitment to make it simple for couples find the love they've always wanted, and I am proud of the strong record of bringing couples together with my treatment program. So whether you’ve never been to couples counseling before or have been unsuccessful in previous attempts, I can help.

For more information, contact me today, and let me add you to my long list of success stories.


Dr. Turpeau