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Atlanta, GA


Home-Based Marriage and Relationship Counseling in Metro Atlanta

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Whatever your relationship situation, you can get help from Atlanta, GA, marriage and relationship counselor Aaron Turpeau, Ph.D. I have a solid history in helping marriages and love relationships sort out their differences. You don't have to let the stress of everyday life tear your family apart when help is close at hand.

When you choose my service, you'll receive individualized help and learn new ways of coping with the dynamics of modern married life. Whether you have a specific problem or there's a general lack of harmony and communication, I will help you work through it. Clients benefit from:

  • Great customer service
  • I’ll come to your home
  • Anonymity for high profile personalities and others who want extra privacy.

I am a marriage and family counselor who has a PhD in counseling psychology, a Master of Education, and a Master of Divinity. Contact me today and let me know what I can do to help.  I provide 3 hour Intensives in your home by appointment.


Dr. Turpeau